Tjoritja Cockatoos

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Immerse yourself in Country and listen to the chatter of black cockatoos as Vanessa Inkamala’s evocative and meaningful artwork is brought to life through animation and sound.

An artist and Director of Iltja Ntjarra Many Hands Art Centre, Vanessa’s great uncle is the late Albert Namatjira and her aunt is fellow artist Ivy Pareroultja.

Tjoritja Cockatoos, projected across three screens, represents the cyclical and seasonal work of Country. From sunrise to sunset life is interconnected, embodied with the rhythms of the rituals and ancient calls to Country.

Everything from the waterholes and the sky to the trees and the birds is living. Everywhere there is a presence and a spirit, and everything and everyone has a purpose to continue the biodiversity of Country.

Kwatye, which means both rain and water in Arrernte, reconnects us and regenerates the plants, like the mistletoe berries, which is used by the birds of sky country, for nesting, building and nurturing the next generation.

Our birds, the cockatoos, are indicators of seasonal change. Feeding on the nectar and seeds of the Eucalypt flower, they fly across country distributing seeds and fertiliser. We watch. We listen, and so the cycle continues.