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Planning a trip to Parrtjima? Alice Springs is only a few hours’ flying time from most Australian capital cities. If you do fly in to Alice Springs, be aware that the airport is located 15 km south of the town – it’s a 10 minute drive.

Flying Information

Qantas and Jetstar run daily direct flights from all capital cities (except Perth). Virgin also flies from most capital cities to Alice Springs. If you don’t want to pay for a taxi, there’s a shuttle bus which meets all flights that arrive intro the Alice Springs Airport. Also, a little tip – it’s cheaper to hire a car from the town centre.

  • Adelaide to Alice Springs – 2h 05 min
  • Darwin to Alice Springs – 2h 05 min
  • Sydney to Alice Springs – 3h 10m
  • Melbourne to Alice Springs – 2h 50m
  • Brisbane to Alice Springs – 3h 10m
  • Perth to Alice Springs – 2h 40 min

For more information on flights head to the websites of Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin.