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Parrtjima 2022 Theme Revealed

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We’re excited to share our creative theme with you! The 2022 theme is ‘Sky Country’, with a focus on our place in the universe, and an emphasis on the elements of sky, air and wind.

Reading the sky helps Aboriginal people understand their place on Country. They’ve long used the heavens above to plan their harvest and hunting seasons, and share stories, which are retold from generation to generation.

‘Sky Country’ offers a new way to look at the world and sparks our curiosity. The Parrtjima program will tell the story of sky, air and wind through light shows, installations, art, music, talks, films, workshops and performance.

Join us and experience a timeless, living culture expressed in fresh, creative ways in the heart of Australia. Come and find your place on Country. Don’t miss the next instalment of the festival in 2022.