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Parrtjima 2021 Flash Mob Outreach Program

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Flash Mob is an outreach social media and mobile phone competition that encourages Aboriginal Youth to continue the traditions of oral storytelling through modern-day technology.

Facilitated through Parrtjima – A Festival in Light which is delivered by Northern Territory Major Events Company, produced by Creative Directors AGB Events, the Parrtjima Outreach Program is supported by the Northern Territory Government and engages local youth under 25 to create a video and share their story and culture (Kultcha) in response to the Festival’s 2021 theme, ‘Future Kultcha’.

‘Future Kultcha’ is based on the oral traditions of passing on knowledge from one generation to the next that has taken place amongst Aboriginal peoples for eons. But to learn, you also must listen, listen to the elders, custodians, and guardians of language.
Nowadays, social media has become a modern platform for passing on knowledge across generations and is known to some as the “new meeting place”. It is a new way of oral storytelling that gives Aboriginal people a sense of power, pride and control over their own decision-making, identities, diversity and communities.
Participants must create a video on a mobile phone that shows how they pass on knowledge and stories within their community. We want Youth to engage with social media to film their video and use the hashtags #WeAreTheFutureKultcha, #FutureKultcha or #Parrtjima 2021.

To find out more information about the Parrtjima Flash Mob Competition click here