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There’s a place where birds chatter in the gum trees, fingers of light caress the red dirt and shooting stars fly across the sky.

This is Arrernte Country – six-season country from the flat desert plains to the soaring MacDonnell Ranges where kangaroos sniff the cool air, frogs leap through grasses, the whirly winds slow their dance and stars sparkle as night falls.

The Arrernte people invite audiences from all over the globe on a sensory journey where thousands of years of stories have been illuminated and brought to life in one unforgettable experience.

When we marvel at the illuminated art, listen to the ancient stories as the winds blow, allow a treasured drop of water brush against lips, and watch a blood red sunset light up trees silhouetted black, we, too, can learn about water, land and sky, and lift our spirits long after our return home.

Be part of the Parrtjima story in 2020. See it, feel it, hear it.