Wild Wind

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“After the rains the air begins to breathe a new cycle, a time that saw the ancient women dance. All night and in the morning, they whirled around so fast they became that wind. The old people would describe that burning ground after the dance as ‘ingke-iteinelpineye’, taking the soles off your feet.” (MK Turner)

Reflecting the work of local artist Raelene Ngala Williams and her artwork, Walpa Pukla, this installation celebrates the stories of the whirly whirly through a series of floating, moving structures.

A stunning piece, it encourages exploration of these dreaming stories, the most prominent being the whirly winds, which Raelene paints in her distinctive and detailed style.

In the long summer months of Central Australia, localised ‘pockets’ of hot air can rise quickly through cooler air. These are the whirly winds, which come after the rains and turn the sky red.

During the Dreamtime it is said two big whirly winds came through Ingkwelaye near Utopia, in Central Australia, and turned into two ghost gum trees.

Be spellbound by the soundscape and the dance of light created by the artwork as it represents the swirling gusts of whirly winds collecting leaves, sand and debris while moving fast across the land.

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