Tailoring Kultcha

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Celebrating new representations of culture through fabric design.

Parrtjima will transform Todd Mall in Alice Springs CBD into an exhibition of light and textiles that showcases the innovation and diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and designers. Captivating audiences one beautifully illuminated print at a time, this installation highlights the varied and unique fabric designs emerging from all corners of the nation.

Developing from eons of oral storytelling, this increasingly contemporary way of transferring cultural knowledge is garnering global interest. Designers are transforming ancient stories into wearable works of art that grace fashion runways and transport audiences through the oldest living cultures on earth.

Nina Fitzgerald, Creative Director of the National Indigenous Fashion Awards 2020, has curated this installation. From the Arrernte desert of Mparntwe to the Tiwi Islands, across the tropical rainforests of Guugu-Ymithirr country and the Gararimarra lands of the North-West Pilbara, this installation embodies the innovation of our artists.

Adding to the ambiance throughout Todd Mall will also be kaleidoscope of lights programmed specifically for the duration of Parrtjima, painting the pathways in the evening with colours a patterns echoing the flavour of Future Kultcha.