Revolving Kultcha

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The shared forms of shields, coolamons and skateboards all carry the story of Kultcha, which is always evolving and turning. Features the work of Aubrey Tjangala of Papunya Tula Artists, Rita Wilson of Ninuku Arts, Raymond Walters Japanangka, Jungala Kriss and Margaret Kemarre Turner OAM.

Celebrating the similarities between the underlying forms of the traditional coolamon and shield with the contemporary skateboard, this installation explores the use of different mediums for artwork and the transferral of multi-generational stories. Importantly, the inclusion of skateboards provides a connection to young people and their cultural heritage and identity.

Aboriginal artists don’t regard visual art and craft as a commodity or aesthetic pleasure, but rather as something akin to a family member. Artwork represents a multi-layered connection to the past, present and future, embedded in daily life, family connection and traditional law, as well as in dreaming lore and spirituality.

Featuring one large central piece standing between six to eight metres high, the installation is surrounded by eight unique two-metre-high sculptures (two coolamons, two shields and four skateboards). They demonstrate the connection between storytelling traditions and represent a new age of expression.