Night Sky

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Everything is written twice – once on the ground and once in the sky

Lie down, look up, and enjoy a wondrous journey.

Artist Carmen Glynn-Braun has painted directly onto the orb lights, using paints and sealants, which reflects her experimental approach to materials and form.

Each orb is programmed with a soundscape to enhance different stories. Let narrators from Common Ground, a mixture of storytellers and multi-disciplinary artists, transport you to a world of celestial bodies, ancestral spirits and Aboriginal cosmology.

Encompassing generations of oral storytelling, the stories will connect audiences with the cultural beliefs of sky country.

Some Aboriginal nations considered the Milky Way to be a large river, along the banks of which reeds grew. The stories of Milky Way cosmology across the country vary, but for each language group the cardinal points of the Southern Cross informed and guided seasonal behaviour. As people read the land, they looked to sky country and watched for the seasonal constellations to guide their lives.

This two-way listening and learning continues today as young and old listen to the stories of the night sky, witness the constellations, and discover the navigation and mapping of country. Be prepared to be blown away.

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