Merne Desert Dinner

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Saturday, 10 April 2021

Make Merne your bucket-list experience in 2021 with a desert dinner that’s out of this world.

In an exclusive first for Parrtjima, join your table of fellow travellers at Desert Park for an unforgettable dining adventure under a canopy of stars in outback Central Australia.

As the sun sets and the stars spring out in the night sky, feel the desert come to life as you enjoy a contemporary take on traditional bush foods paired with premium Australian beer and wine.

You’ll be treated to a spectacular light show spanning the majestic MacDonnell Ranges, plus special performances and entertainment to connect you to traditional Aboriginal culture, stories and art.

Between courses, look up and enjoy some of the world’s best stargazing. Be enchanted by a vivid view of the Milky Way, and find planets and constellations such as the Southern Cross and Seven Sisters in the ever-moving southern night sky.

This magical, must-do experience that is as unique as the Red Centre itself.


  • Menu as below *ingredients subject to seasonal availability*
  • Premium wine/beer package
  • Presentation by local Arrernte women Rayleen Brown, Kungkas can Cook and Celebrity Chef Mark Olive
  • Traditional and contemporary performances
  • Parrtjima Projection Show on Ranges
  • Coach transfers

Location: Sand Country Marquee, Larrapinta Drive, Desert Park, Alice Springs.

Event Times: 19:00 – 22:30

COST: $250pp – SOLD OUT


Pre-Dinner Drinks on Arrival (from 6pm)


Chicken parfait with lilly pilly jelly and native dukkah
Beef with Davidson plum compote
Prawns with sesame, saltbush and pepperberry with lemon myrtle aioli (GF)
Kangaroo sausage rolls with native bush tomato relish
Rice paper rolls with cured salmon, finger lime and aniseed myrtle (GF VO)
Smoked Murray cod on buckwheat blini with river mint cream
Potato and samphire croquettes with sea parsley sauce (V)
Spinach and ricotta rolls with native bush tomato relish (V)
Grilled mushrooms with plum compote (V)
Chocolate tart, wattleseed cream and salted caramel
Cinnamon myrtle pavlova mango, raspberries and finger lime (GF)
Ingredients are subject to market availability

ENTRÉE (tasting platters)

Tomato and native Basil Bruschetta (GF)
Green Ant Cheese (Contains dairy)
NT Buffalo Cheese with Smokey Bush Tomato
Emu Cabana
Smoked Roo (GF)
Pepperleaf Parmesan Lavish
Pepperberry Oatmeal Biscuits
Glacé Quandong or Muscatels with Port and Pepperleaf

Main (shared platters)

Kungas Bush Spice Rubbed Kangaroo Fillet seared on gridle, rested on a bed of Bush Tomato scented
Warrigal Greens served with Parmesan Pepperleaf Polenta and Davidson Chilli Glaze Steamed Vegetables
Whole Barramundi cooked in Fresh Lemon Myrtle scented paperbark served with Roasted Saltbush and
Vinegar Kipfler Potatoes and Steamed Vegetables drizzled with Lemon Aspen Crème Glaze
(Sauce contains onion and dairy)
Roasted field mushroom basted with caramelised bush tomato glaze, stuffed with mountain
pepper-roasted macadamia nut and sourdough crumb, served with Roasted Saltbush Kipfler Potato and
Steamed Vegetables drizzled with Lemon Myrtle olive oil. (V)

Dessert (Table platters)

Riberry and Rosella Sorbet (GF)
Malted Wattleseed Chocolate Brownie (Contains nuts and dairy)
Lemon Myrtle Crème Brûlée (Contains dairy)
Quandong and Apple Tarts (Contains Citrus and Dairy)


Beer, red wine, white wine, sparkling and non-alcoholic beverages
GF = Gluten Free, V = Vegetarian + Vegan

  • Image courtesy Parrtjima / Northern Territory Major Events Company

  • Image courtesy Parrtjima / Northern Territory Major Events Company

  • Image courtesy Parrtjima / Northern Territory Major Events Company