Jane Mervin

Jane came from Amata Community to Alice Springs in the early 2000s and for three years was a student at Batchelor College, receiving a Certificate 2 in Arts and Craft.

Painting for over 11 years now, Jane draws inspiration from colours, owls, nature; flowers, hills and trees. It is these subjects that connect Jane to her family and country. In recent years Jane’s art has flourished, showing great confidence in brushstrokes, fine details and vibrancy. Jane is producing texture-rich canvases and elaborate works on paper that demonstrate her passion for art and above all a close connection to community.

Referring to her favourite subject, Tjulpu (birds) or Owls “At night me the owls come in to visit. I can hear them, I look for them. I see the owl and the moon and then I go to sleep.”

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Installation Expression Space: Bindi Mwerre Anthurre Artists 2017