Greg McAdam

I was born in Alice. My parents sent me to Adelaide for education. Whilst in Adelaide, I played Australian Rules. I was very good at it – I played for the SANFL, and later the VFL and AFL. Professional sport lived and played sport in cities.

I left Alice in 1977, came back in 2000, and been here since. Good to be back home – when I went back that’s when I went through cultural lore, Aboriginal men’s business.

When I finished my cultural obligations I went back and lived on my home lands, and in 2004 – that’s when I painted this painting.

Painting was my need, and my thirst for cultural knowledge and information. Painting was able to give me that type of identification and authenticity.

Going through lore gave me this authenticity it became real for me. When I was painting I was getting in touch with my cultural being through the practice of art.

Installation Grounded 2017