Landing Kultcha

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Be amazed by the big, bold, beautiful illuminated sculptures as you wander through Alice Springs Desert Park under a spectacular star-strewn Red Centre sky. All artworks are accompanied by a bespoke audio soundscape, including artist narrations.

Landing Kultcha:

Traditional tools come down from the ancestors to strengthen Aboriginal culture, now and always.

Designed as a gateway to the Alice Springs Desert Park festival site, this impressive installation prepares the visitor to experience the cultural richness of Parrtjima as it unifies the space between male and female cultural traditions, represented by carved spears and digging sticks.

Spanning an incredible 20 metres in length, this installation blends light tubes of different lengths to symbolise the transition of spears into digging sticks, the masculine into feminine, and the natural world into art.

Landing Kultcha celebrates the technology of tools, weapons and implements as a life source of Aboriginal culture. Spears were an integral part of the toolkit used for hunting, fishing, fighting, retribution, and punishment, as well as in ceremony and as commodities for trade.

Digging sticks are wooden hand-crafted implements, often decorated with totem designs, which women used to dig for edible bush tucker such as honey ants and reptiles. They were also used to plant and harvest roots and tubers such as yams. In women’s ceremonies they are used as clapping sticks.