What date does Parrtjima occur?

Parrtjima will take place from Friday 22 September to Sunday 1 October, between 6:30pm and 10:30pm. We encourage you to attend as much as you like over the 10 days of the event.

Where is Parrtjima being held?

Parrtjima will take place at the Alice Springs Desert Park on Larapinta Drive.

How much does Parrtjima cost?

Parrtjima is a free event. Please register your interesti attending and select a session time.

Is Parrtjima wheelchair accessible?

Yes. All buses accommodate wheelchairs and there will be a designated wheelchair accessible viewing area and accessible flooring provided for movement around the festival site.

What do I need to bring?

We suggest wearing comfortable, closed toe shoes for your safety and comfort and to bring along water and your camera. You might also want to bring a small amount of money if you wish to purchase any food, beverages or merchandise at the event.

Do I need to book the shuttle bus?

No, the shuttle bus will arrive and depart every 10 minutes from the park n ride locations. Location and timetable information coming soon.

When does the last bus leave the festival?

The last bus will depart Alice Springs Desert Park at 10:50pm stopping at all park n ride locations.

Where is the best meeting point at Parrtjima?

The Festival Hub is the perfect place to meet, soak up the atmosphere, try the delicious food, browse the merchandise, find out more information about the event and rest your legs in the rustic seating area.

Will there be food available at Parrtjima?

Yes, there will be a delicious range of options available. More details coming soon...

Can I bring alcohol to Parrtjima?

No. Parrtjima – A Festival in Light is an alcohol-free event.

Can I bring my dog to Parrtjima?

No. Parrtjima – A Festival in Light is a pet-free event.

Can I take photos at the event?

Yes, please do! If you’re sharing your images, be sure to tag us using #Parrtjima or #ParrtjimaAustralia

What is the event #?

Tag us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #parrtjimaaustralia or #Parrtjima

How do I get to Alice Springs?

Alice Springs is accessible by air, coach, rail and road, with daily flights landing at the Alice Springs airport from every major city. The airport is located a short 10 minute drive from the CBD with taxis, shuttle buses and rental cars available to travellers.

To find the best route from your departing destination to Alice Springs, visit Tourism Central Australia.

Where should I stay in Alice Springs?

Alice Springs offers a wide variety of accommodation options from hotels and motels, caravan parks, bed and breakfasts, and apartments and studios. To find the most suitable accommodation, visit Tourism Central Australia.

What other activities should I do during my stay in Alice Springs?

Within the Town Centre, there are plenty of art galleries, local produce and stores to visit. The famous Todd Street Mall markets will take place on Sunday, 24 September from 9am until 1pm, featuring arts, crafts and local food.

Alice Springs and its surrounds offers plenty of attractions for every interest including adventure and hiking options, mountain biking, history and museums, arts and galleries and plenty more. To plan your trip, visit Tourism Central Australia.

How far away is Uluru?

Uluru is approximately 450kms away from Alice Springs and a six hour drive. Tour operators offer regular transfers and packages to Uluru depending on your needs. View the details at Tourism Central Australia.

What is the weather like in September / October?

As Alice Springs comes out of winter, days are hot and sunny and nights can get quite cool. Average temperatures range from 9 to 27 degrees. Warm clothing is essential for night time.

Do I need to register to attend Parrtjima?

To ensure the safety and comfort of everyone attending Parrtjima, we do ask that you register your attendance by completing our online registration form and selecting the day and session you wish to visit the festival.

Can I register for other people?

Yes, you are able to register up to 10 guests through our online registration form.

What if I am unable to register online? Does that mean I can't come to the event?

If you are unable to register for the event, please contact us on (08) 8951 5782 for assistance.

Do I need to bring confirmation of my registration to the event?

No, it is not required that you bring confirmation of your registration as we will have it recorded. Just come along and enjoy the event!

I’d like to use the Parrtjima logo

If you’d like to help us promote Parrtjima or request the use of a logo, please complete the Brand Guidelines Application Form. Once approved, you will receive a link to our logo suite and brand guidelines.

The time that I'd like to go to Parrtjima is missing on the registration form. Why is that?

Unfortunately, this means that the particular time slot you’ve chosen has reached capacity. Please select the next best time slot for you.

What kind of lights will be used?

The light show will be a projection onto the range. Light sources will be approximately 600 metres from the range and do not include concentrated laser beams. Similar lighting specifications have been used for events staged at Taronga Zoo and within the Blue Mountains National Park in NSW, without any evident detrimental effects on wildlife.

Will the light show impact the Black-Footed Rock-Wallabies on the MacDonnell Ranges?

Following consultation with wildlife scientists from the Northern Territory Government’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources, festival organisers have been advised there is a very low risk that the light show will have a significant impact on the population of Black-footed Rock-wallabies and other wildlife on the MacDonnell Ranges.

Who created the artworks featuring in Parrtjima?

The second annual Parrtjima – A Festival in Light features a new and expanded program that celebrates some of the magnificent Aboriginal art of Central Australia.

Created in partnership with local Aboriginal artists and art centres, the event aims to raise the profile of Aboriginal artists from Central Australia by sharing their outstanding work and rich culture with the world. More details to be announced soon.

What is the aim of Parrtjima?

The event aims to respectfully celebrate the vibrant Aboriginal arts and culture by inspiring audiences and bringing together communities through world-class artistic light experiences. We aim to showcase the culture and outstanding work of Aboriginal artists from Central Australia, while providing meaningful artistic opportunities to local artists.

What is the process for involving local Aboriginal artists in Parrtjima?

In 2016, event organisers respectfully invited Aboriginal artists, through their arts centres, to participate in the inaugural Parrtjima – A Festival in Light to share their art and culture with Australia and the world.

Each artist was fully briefed on the event and briefings continued throughout the development of the program.

The artistic program was the result of collaboration between event organisers, Aboriginal artists and arts centres. Through consultation, the Parrtjima Festival Reference Group (PFRG) formed. This is a group of apmereke-artweye (decision makers) and kwertengerle (caretakers/co-managers) for this area and others closely connected with the land and culture. The PFRG provides advice and guidance to Parrtjima organisers on Aboriginal matters that relate to the artistic program and its cultural appropriateness. Over time, with increasing consultation, the PFRG continues to grow.

Will the MacDonnell Ranges be illuminated in 2017?

With appropriate permissions the MacDonnell Ranges will be lit again. However, the final extent is to be confirmed. We will once again avoid areas identified to us as sensitive, such as Mt Gillen. We are not interfering with any sacred sites and these have all been investigated with the relevant authority.

Have the traditional owners been consulted?

Consultation has been ongoing since the end of last year’s (2016) festival. It will not stop and updates continue to be provided to all stakeholders. The NTMEC has been consulting extensively with local Indigenous groups since November 2015.

Are there any environmental concerns?

Parks and Wildlife staff monitored the numbers and behaviour of any wallabies found on the range leading up to, during and after the festival. There was absolutely no evidence seen that the lights illuminating the range were affecting the wallabies‘ behaviour during the period of observation.